The Importance of Hand Protection in Industrial Settings

The Importance of Hand Protection in Industrial Settings

Gloves come in many forms that help workers in industrial facilities complete tasks safely. Wearing the proper hand protection for your jobs requires you to understand how materials fit specific tasks. Keep reading to uncover the importance of hand protection in industrial settings.

Minding the Fit

Before we get into the materials that protect your hands, let’s talk about glove size. Be mindful of how your gloves fit in the workplace. A snug fit will ensure you can grip your work materials, avoid getting caught in machinery, and retain dexterity.

For instance, pinch points and rotating parts can grab onto loose gloves and result in severe injuries. Wear well-fitted gloves so you can work without worrying about getting caught on equipment unexpectedly. Now, we’ll take a closer look at the injuries you can sustain in an industrial facility.

Handling Sharp Objects

Sharp objects, such as knives, are common in restaurants and other places where workers must cut things precisely. Working with sharp objects every day can lead to injuries like cuts or amputations.

One of the best ways to protect yourself against sharp objects in the workplace is by wearing protective gloves. However, you shouldn’t buy random gloves and hope that they will protect your hands. For instance, you can find Kevlar gloves with cut-resistant materials that will keep your hands safe and comfortable while working.

Thin latex gloves won’t always protect you against the sharp blade of a knife. However, some thin gloves are very important for hand protection in industrial settings.

Avoiding Painful Burns

Industrial workers must be aware of potential burn hazards. Pipes in industrial settings can be extremely hot or cold, which might burn the skin upon contact. Likewise, harmful chemicals in industrial workplaces can burn exposed skin. At Industrial Formulators, our disposable nitrile gloves include chemical-resistant and puncture-resistant sets for maximum safety.

Nitrile gloves may not look special from the outside, but they can be surprisingly durable. Make sure you fully understand the capabilities of the gloves you wear in industrial workplaces. With these tips, you can look for the best protective handwear for your work environment.

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